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What is online mandate?

To make sure your SIP installments get debited every month, it is necessary to set up and activate a NACH mandate on your bank account. On MyUniverse, investors can verify their bank and Mandate details online.

Upon successful verification, the mandate details are processed through the NACH mandate approval process. Investors do not have to send the physical mandate to us. The online verification can be done either through mobile or desktop.

  • The online mandate process is much more convenient as it is a complete online process.The physical mandate need not be printed and sent.
  • Details needed to set up your online mandate are taken when you open an investment account.
  • Online mandate process also helps in faster activation as the mandate processing starts right after your transaction is placed.


Your signature available in KYC Documents will be utilized for the purpose of setting up the online mandate through MyUniverse. It may take upto 15 working days for online mandate processing.

Things you need to know


Mandate of only KYC verified customer can be processed using the online mandate facility.

If you are not KYC verified, please schedule an KYC appointment to complete your KYC process.


If you have scheduled SIPs in more than one bank account using one Investment account, then it is necessary to complete the online mandate for each bank account.

Existing Mandate

If an active mandate exists for a bank account, then there is no need to set up an online mandate for the same bank account.