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Conservative Portfolio

The conservative portfolio combines a major exposure to debt funds (80%) with a small exposure to equity funds (20%). The portfolio seeks to achieve stable growth by combining the relative stability of fixed income with the extra returns that could potentially come from equity through diversified large cap equity fund exposure.

Total amount Rs. 20,000

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Moderate Portfolio

The moderate portfolio has a balanced profile with a 60% exposure to equity funds (40% large cap funds and 20% mid cap funds) and 40% to debt funds. The exposure to equity funds enhances the risk return profile of the overall portfolio and provides moderate growth with moderate risk.

Total amount Rs. 30,000

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Aggressive Portfolio

The Aggressive portfolio is predominantly is an equity fund oriented portfolio (80% spread across large cap, mid cap and small cap funds) positioned to capture the growth of equities with higher risk. Debt fund exposure is relatively low at just 20% to capture opportunities in debt space.

Total amount Rs. 50,000

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General Questions

The three portfolios defer from each other in terms of the risk and returns. The conservative portfolio contains more of debt and less of equity and therefore carries a relatively lower risk than that of the aggressive portfolio. Aggressive portfolio carries the highest level of risk as it has more of equity than debt. As you move from conservative to moderate and moderate to aggressive portfolio, the inherent risk increases and much the same way the potential for generating growth or returns over long term also increases.
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Since all portfolios contain equity, the investment horizon should be at least 3 years. Ideally your investment horizon should be linked to your long term goals and objectives.
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Minimum amount to be invested into these portfolios is Rs.5000 and in multiples of 1,000 thereafter.
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Portfolios and funds are reviewed and evaluated on a monthly basis to understand their risk return profile under changing market conditions to check for suitability to the profiles. Changes could be far and few and any major changes will be communicated periodically.
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In this portfolio the allocations remain fixed. However if you need a specific allocation or a scheme, you need to choose that by choosing to invest similar amounts in the schemes of your choice from our All Mutual Funds section.
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Tax rules pertaining to Equity mutual funds and Debt mutual funds would be applicable to the allocated funds in portfolio.
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