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How MyUniverse Works?
Live balances & transactions
Continuously updated balances @
your fingertips and transactions which are intelligently classified into categories
Automatic expense tracking
Monitor all your expenses across categories automatically, track unnecessary spends. Know where your money is going month on month, and set budgets
Stay on top of your money
Bill reminders, budget vs spending alerts, large transaction warning and a host of other automated alerts, even on the go!
Track your investments and get advice
Track the live portfolio performance
and get personalized, automated,
comprehensive investment advisory
to help you invest prudently
Invest simply
With completely paperless account
opening process, invest in mutual funds,
stocks, fixed deposit and bonds online;
as simply as you shop online
How investing works on MyUniverse!
  • Open Investment Account
  • Select Top Funds
  • Add Shopping Cart
  • Open Investment Account
  • Open Investment Account
How investing works on MyUniverse!
Open an investment
account in 5 mins
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top performing funds
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shopping cart
Pay in
one go
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The MyUniverse mobile app allows you to carry your banks, credit cards and investments in your phone.
Check balances and access transactions at your fingertips. Track your expences automatically and record your cash
expenses, even when you are offline. Get alerts, reminders and advices, to keep you on top of your finances, on the go!
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Your details are safe and secure
Safety and Security!
MyUniverse is designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal
information during storage and transmission of your data.
MyUniverse is designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal information.

No money
can be moved
Verified by
Data and
password Encryption
Bank level
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